My Return to Dartmouth Regatta

Many of you know that the Port of Dartmouth Royal Regatta holds a very special place in my heart. A successful year last year propelled me into busy full-time work and enabled me to expand my studio space. I had high hopes for this year and was not disappointed.

There is something totally unbeatable about setting up your stand to the sound of church bells, with nothing but the early-morning water lovers and the colourful houses of Kingswear to look out to. Everyone is Dartmouth is beyond friendly and we have built up such a community of traders at this event. I thoroughly enjoyed every day, including the days in which the weather really couldn’t decide what to do (a right pain when you have the easels out the front).

I already cannot wait to return next year and have lots of plans to improve my stand even more. 

Saturday evening had to be one of my highlights. We opened up the “Summer Jane Bar’t” and enjoyed a gin and a beer with many of my clients, past, present and hopefully future.