About me. Summer Jane

Summer Jane Art was formed in 2020 after finding a lack of enthusiasm in studying biological sciences at university.

The aim of my artwork is to capture the excitement and energy of sailing and present it on canvas in a contemporary way. I just don’t understand why something as fun as sailing is so often painted to be so still and boring. I want you to look at my paintings and be instantly transported to that very moment on the water. It has taken some experimenting to get to this point, but I am so in love with my unique style. 

Over time, my signature, SJM, has become bolder and more confident in my paintings. Artists spend so much time perfecting their compositions yet never think twice about adding an extra squiggle into the bottom corner. I like to incorporate my SJM into the compositions, using it to confidently fill empty gaps or to draw attention to a specific zone.


You’ll also notice that in all my paintings, I include a signature pop of orange. I get asked a lot about my orange splash. Everyone seems to agree that it needs to be there but can’t figure out why. As beautiful as all my blues are, there’s just something more exciting and fulfilling when there’s an unpredictable zingy orange splat right across it. The fact that it shouldn’t be there just means it should.

Some highlights of my career so far

It is my great honour to be able to say that HRH The Princess Royal has one of my paintings hanging in her home.

My work has been featured in Sailing Today's Yachting Year 2023.

I have collaborated with Musto to produce the official Cowes Week merchandise for 2023.

I am an official rewards partner for the RYA.

My story from biologist to artist

My love for creativity started when I was little.

Creative parents created a very creative kid. As a young girl I spent every hour of my day drawing, painting or writing stories. Looking back it only made sense for me to become an artist eventually. All through school I excelled at art, being chosen for an art academy in year seven and going on to receive an A* at GCSE.  The journey to this point, however, seemed to drag away any ounce of enjoyment for the subject. Studying art had little to do with freedom and creativity and far more to do with deep meanings and far fetched justifications. Even now, as professional artist, I still find it all rather whimsical. 


I turned away from art and focused my energy on academia. I studied Biology, Maths, Chemistry and French at A-level and went on to get a degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Brighton. I look back on university with mixed emotions. The last two years of university were greatly affected by the arrival of COVID-19 and I had to quickly adjust to online learning. I found the online lectures impossible to engage with and my interest in the subject began to fade.

The start of my artist career

After losing much of my love for biology, I decided to pick up the paintbrush (or palette knife in my case) for the first time in a very long time. I had been asked by family friends to paint their favourite beach for their living room. It was in doing this that I reignited my love for creativity.

From this point onwards I found myself painting most days and after long walks and exciting chats over Brighton Racecourse with my boyfriend, George, the idea of selling my artwork started to become a very real and exciting prospect. I balanced teaching myself about the white rhinoceros with teaching myself how to build a website and eventually launched on 1st January 2021. 


Since I first launched, my business has grown exponentially to a point I could have never imagined. I still remember my first sale, the day after the launch, and just could not comprehend that someone would spend their well earned money on one of my paintings. It’s the same feeling I still get every single time I sell a painting today.

I have gone from painting on the dining room floor to having my own large studio space. I have gone from exhibiting at a little Dartmouth craft fair to one of the biggest boat shows in the world. I am fully in love with my energetic style of painting. I create paintings that I not only love to create but would happily hang on my own walls. I believe in myself and my style so much and I have a million plans to keep going and growing.

Some non-arty facts about me

Believe it or not, my entire life isn’t based around painting (well nearly).

A water Girl

I've always loved the sea. It is my happy place. I have a rule that I'm never allowed to turn down a surf with my dad.

Summer lovin'

Despite being born in the spring, my name is actually very apt. My mood is almost entirely governed by the sunshine.

My drink of choice

I'm not a huge drinker but I'm definitely partial to a glass of blush rosé in the sunshine or a plain and simple gin and tonic.

I love dogs

I grew up alongside a german shepherd, a golden retriever and now have an incredibly cheeky mixed terrier called Arthur.


After a strange reaction to COVID in 2021, I now find many foods inedible (including garlic and onion which is a nightmare).

Terrible plant mum

I am unable to keep any plants alive except my beloved Percy the Peace Lily who has survived with me through everything (he even has paint on his leaves).