Four New Original Paintings Now Available

Email me/ring me/ text me to claim your painting.

Each painting is made using acrylic and palette knives/paint spatulas/rulers etc.

The custom canvases are made with hard tulipwood, known for its durability and sustainable production.

UK delivery is included in the price but international delivery is available for an added extra.

10% off until midday Sunday 4th June | 07734421167

"Fighting Forces"

1m x 1m

£3240 (normally £3600)

Sale price ends midday Sunday 4th June

Everyone seems to love the dark ones, myself included. I wanted to do something big, bold and dramatic. The super dark navy background really brings out all the intricate, interesting marks and the individual knife strokes, adding to the sense of movement. Swipe through the pics to see some examples of these details. Striking. That’s what I was aiming for.

"With the Elements"

80 x 80 cm

£2250 (normally £2500)

Sale price ends midday Sunday 4th June

Look at that blue sky. Can you feel it? The warmth of the sun fighting against the intense winds. I haven’t done spinnakers like this in a little while. It’s not my go to, but I’m not sure why. I really enjoyed creating it and I’m over the moon with the outcome. 

"Losing Yourself"

150 x 90 cm

£4140 (normally £4600)

Sale price ends midday Sunday 4th June

I had a large canvas sitting in the studio for months. I love painting on a larger scale and didn’t want to give this a go until I knew exactly what I wanted to create. In the end, I decided to go for something a little more abstract. I wanted energy. I painted intuitively, focusing on movement over perfection. 

"Light Work"

90 x 30 cm

£1728 (normally £1920)

Sale price ends midday Sunday 4th June

You’ve all been crying out for another split background and I listened. Ignoring all the rules. Line straight through the middle. Even amount of sails. Breaking the “art” rules creates a more interesting composition if you ask me.